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Twitter connected Conan O’Brien to “Coco” artist and changed his life

I'm with Coco poster

The image that started it all

TMZ is reporting that artist Mike Mitchell, who created this poster not only to support Conan O’Brien in his recent contretemps with NBC and Jay Leno but to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief, is now richer by far himself as a result. The Los Angeles artist originally posted the image as a Twitpic on Twitter, and it has reportedly earned more than $25,000 for Haiti relief.

That Twitter posting eventually led O’Brien’s people to Mitchell, who has now been paid a substantial-but-undisclosed amount of cash for the rights to use the image to advertise Conan’s upcoming 30-city Legally Prevented from Being Funny on Television Tour.

Mitchell’s gallery on deviantArt suggests his other works are nowhere near as commercial as his Conan/Coco rendering. But the young artist says that he has already been approached by others who want him to produce work for them.

The continuing joys of social networking.


Web Journalism chat on Twitter each week

From Nancy Hanus:

Twitter logoFor those of you who don’t know about the Twitter chat (#wjchat ) 8-10 p.m. every Wednesday night, here’s the archive of Wednesday’s chat:

The chat attracts professionals from all over the country, but also a good number of college faculty members and a lot of students or recent grads.

The questions posed this week were:

1. “What is competition like for young journos entering the world vs. experienced journos now looking for jobs?

2. How do we make our resumes powerful in a world of “who you know”?

3. For those that hire, what experiences and/or skills are you looking for in a solid candidate?

4. Have you found any good online tools, or offline methods, to organize your job search?

5. In complete honesty, what’s the worst thing a young WJ could do in their first-job search?

6. For the young/job-seeking journos, what’s your biggest fear and what do you need to conquer it?

7. What keeps you going in this field when you’re frustrated?

8 How does your current job compare with the type of journo you always dreamed of being?

9. What do you hope the next generation of journalists will do for the profession?