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SynchTube allows groups to watch vids together

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>SynchTube</a> allows you to create a viewing “room” and invite others to join you.


Free Tools: Scribd solves the PDF problem

Use of Scribd on a post

Scribd embeds the PDF in a frame on your page

I am not the only person who hates to click on PDFs. Even if the link is coded to open the document in a new browser window, I hate waiting for the PDF to load. Even more annoying is sizing the document and plowing through the pages.

Enter Scribd, a free service that provides a way for you to embed PDFs directly into your web posts and pages. You can either upload the PDF yourself, or you can search through the library to see if someone already has.

Click here for a working example of how I embedded Firedoglake’s critique of the Obama health-care plan directly into our WordPress post.

Microsoft Live Lab’s Seadragon

From Karl Gude:

Zoom into images easily!

In case you haven’t played with this, this site gives viewers the ability to zoom into a high res photo or image that you’ve linked to. Click on the lower right button first then the – + signs. I’ve used one of my children’s watercolors in this one…

Screengrab of Seadragon

Microsoft Live Lab's Seadragon